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Paper Over Board

Greyboard is covered in print or specialised paper to form ring binders, boxes, display boards etc. Sheets can be free issue or handled by Prefs.

If you see any of the icons below next to a product then we are able to do it in that material.


PVC is a durable and flexible material and comes in several stock colours. ideal for producing ring binders, wallets and pockets etc with a quality finish using high frequency welding.


A very versatile material, ideally suited to the packaging market, it is an inexpensive material that is both flexible and durable. Available in several stock colours and gauges, stocked from 350 micron up to 1800 micron.


Available in a wide range of colours and totally recyclable. Manilla comes in several weights from 180gsm up to 485gsm (lightweight to heavyweight). We stock and use the Manilla from British manufacturer James Cropper PLC, produced using mineral water from the River Kent in the Lake District.

Alternative Materials

We also manufacture in Leather, PU (faux leather), Rexine, Buckram, Papercoat,
P-Lyte (which is a polyprop/aluminium composite) plus many other materials.

Eco Organic

Wherever possible Prefs will always use and promote recyclable materials.
Our stocked Greyboard, Manilla & paper are 100% fully recyclable - and FSC accredited. We actively recycle and separate our waste as part of our environmental policy.